Sunday, November 30, 2014

My Studio Space

Alex and I purchased our single story 4 bedroom home in Dixon thinking we had plenty of room.  When I got serious about quilting we built a second story on our home and increased the square footage by 900 square feet.  The actual sewing studio is the size of a very large master bedroom.  The walk-in closet is used as my computer office that seems to hold a lot of paper stuff, what is left of my doll collection, and cabinets that hold my fabric stash.
 One of the two upstairs guest rooms has been turned into my quilting library and guest TV room, the other allows guest to sleep-over for a night or two.   A large upstairs storage closet houses a stash of other 'textile and craft stuff' . 

Sewing machine, cutting, table, pressing area, and lots of plastic boxes containing UFO's and fabric stashes.  

My Library

Some fabric stash and computer office.  Other fabric stash is under tables in the sewing studio.  This stash was just reorganized a couple of days after the quilt show.  No, it is not always this organized

Other stuff stash.  The door does close and no I can not find anything easily.

Guest sleeping quarters